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【Events】Learn how to see a Japanese garden in English[2nd]


〔Nov 5(Fri)-6(Sat),2021〕We will exhibit at “EXPAT EXPO TOKYO 2021”


NVCB’s social media official accounts open!


【Events】Learn how to see a Japanese garden in English


Driving trip route tour planning service in Niigata :Drive Japan

Introduction to Sightseeing Spots in Niigata City

Niigata City has an abundance of wonderful sightseeing spots.For this issue, we asked two international relations coordinators from the Niigata City International Affairs Division to introduce some of their favorite spots! Self-Introduction Charles Durand Hello everyone, nice to meet you! My name is Charles Durand. I am the French coordinator for international relations of Niigata […]

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TIPSY Pass – Taste of Niigata “Furumachi” explorer pass

TIPSY Pass is a year long promotion where you can enjoy eating and drinking in Japanese restaurants and izakayas in Niigata City’s Furumachi. A historical part of the city with a rich, vibrant culture which continues today. TIPSY Pass BookA book of five tickets 8,000 Yen including tax. Ticket books can be purchased at hotels […]

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The Niigata Saito Villa: Enjoy the Residence and Garden, and Participate in a Geigi Performance

The Saito clan—one of Niigata’s three hugely successful merchant families—rose to prominence in the Meiji era and remained a powerhouse until the early Showa period. In 1918 the family built this lovely structure, graced by a magnificent garden, to serve as both residence and guest house. The building and grounds are now open to the […]

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Feel the great landowner culture and port town Niigata-Japan’s number one rice and sake production area fostered in a large granary

Situated on the vast Niigata Plain, Niigata had long been the largest rice producing area in Japan. When the system for the payment of taxes changed from rice to money in the Meiji Period (1868-1912), farmers who could not deal with money sold their land to other owners, creating great landowners with over 1,000 ha […]

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