Niigata City Sightseeing Taxi

Taxis are a perfect way to explore Niigata city in a small group no need to transfer, no worries about parking and traffic. In addition to basic courses, customised courses can be arranged to suit your preferences.

Consult with an officially licensed, friendly, hospitable driver, who also doubles as a guide, to show you around Niigata City!

Basic Course

Great landowner culture & Sake Brewery Course

Duration3 hour
Fare19,500 yen

Niigata Station

The greatest landowner Ito family’s mansion, Northen Culture Museum

This museum is the former residence of the Ito family’s, greatest landowners in the region.

Imayo Tsukasa Sake Brewery

A sake brewery located near Niigata Sta. that was founded more than 250 years ago.

Tours take place Monday to Friday at 14:00. (400 yen/adult)

Minemura Miso Brewery

Minemura Miso Brewery was founded in 1905. Miso, produced from fermented soybeans, has long been a ubiquitous seasoning in many types of Japanese foods. This establishment is particularly well known for it’s miso-zuke, (pickles), made using a variety of Japanese vegetables.

Niigata Station

Port city niigata Course

Duration2 hour
Fare13,000 yen

Niigata Station

Niigata City History Museum “Minatopia”

The historic buildings that fill the grounds introduce, both inside and out, Niigata’s port town history and culture.

Closed on Mon. (Tue. instead if Mon. is holiday)

Minato Inari Shrine

The “gardian lion dog (koma-inu)” that turns is famous.
Turn the komainu with you wish in turn so that the wish will wake come true!

Niigata Furumachi Geisya district

Furumachi Geisya District is atmospheric streets of traditional Ryotei restaurants serve fresh,seasonal cuisine together with Japan’s.

You will the also to feel a traditional atmosphere these.

Niigata Station


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