There are many hotels centered on the area around Niigata Station.
This area has good transport connections, is convenient for shopping, and has a wide range of restaurants.
There are also many different types of hotel, so you can choose one which suits your schedule and budget.

Iwamuro Onsen Japanese Inns

Iwamuro Onsen has a proud 300-year history as a hot spring resort, and several elegant hot spring inns line the streets. Here you can experience the unique Japanese culture of hot springs to soothe your aches and pains, Japanese style rooms with tatami mat floors, cotton yukata robes, and seasonal Japanese cooking. You can choose an inn according to your budget, so why not visit?

Distinctive characteristics of Iwamuro Onsen
– Hot spring type: Sodium, calcium chloride
– Effective for: cuts, burns, chronic skin conditions, frail infants, chronic gynecological disorders, etc.

Getting There

  • By car
    50 min from Niigata city via Route 116 or 402
    20 min from Makikata East IC via Hokuriku Expressway
  • JR
    45–55 min from JR Niigata Station. Take the JR Echigo line onward to Yoshida or Kahiwazaki,
    then get off at Iwamuro station, and then 8 min walk