Enjoy cycling! “Round Niigata Island Course”

What is the “Round Niigata Island Course”?

Enjoy the spectacular view of the Shinano River and the Sea of Japan!

The center of Niigata City is surrounded by the Sea of Japan, the Shinano River, and the Sekiya Diversion Channel, and is called “Niigata Island” because it looks like an island.
This course starts and ends at Niigata Station and is approximately 18 km long, so it is recommended for beginner cyclists.

Enjoy a casual cycling with “Niigata 2km Share Cycle”!

In Niigata City, “Niigata 2km Share Cycle” e-bikes can be rented 24 hours.
All you have to do is register on the dedicated app and read the QR code of the bike you want to use.
There are two dedicated ports around Niigata Station Bandai Exit, and we recommend renting at the “Niigata Station Bandai Hiroba” port or the “Niigata Station Bandai Hiroba BRT Station” port.

Use cycling apps to go cycling!

The cycling app “tour・de” offers carefully selected courses created by cycling enthusiasts all over Japan. The “Round Niigata Island Course” is also registered, and the course navigation is displayed when you start the app, making it very convenient.

*When riding on the cycle course, please obey the traffic rules and drive safely.

Cycling Course

Cycling app “tour・de” version: Around Niigata Island Course

[Start] Niigata Station
①Bandai Bridge
②Hakusan Park, Hakusan Shrine
③Sekibun Memorial Park
④Marinepia Nihonkai (Niigata City Aquarium)
⑤Minatopia (Niigata City Museum of History)
⑥Niigata Nippo Mediaship
[Goal] Niigata Station

*Checkpoints: 6
*Course distance: approx. 18 km


Bandai Bridge

Bandai Bridge is a 306.9m long bridge over the Shinano River and is designated as a National Important Cultural Property.The current Bandai Bridge, the third generation, was replaced in 1929 and is a symbol of Niigata City with its beautiful granite and six arches.

Hakusan Park, Hakusan Shrine

Hakusan Park was selected as one of the 100 best city parks in Japan.
Adjacent to the park is the Hakusan Shrine, which is the guardian deity of Niigata City and a place of relaxation for citizens.

Sekibun Memorial Park

This park was established to commemorate the completion of the Sekiya Diversion Canal, which protected the urban area of Niigata from flooding, and to provide a place for citizens to relax.
If the weather permits, climb the observatory to see the ocean and Sado Island!

Marinepia Nihonkai (Niigata City Aquarium)

An aquarium where visitors can encounter 30,000 creatures of about 600 species. The outdoor exhibition “Niigata Field,” which recreates the scenery of Niigata’s countryside, is full of attractions.
Gelateria Popolo, a gelato store, is also located nearby.

Minatopia (Niigata City Museum of History)

Located on the banks of the Shinano River. The site is lined with historical buildings. They convey the history and culture of the port city Niigata in various ways.
The Niigata Customs Building was built in 1869. Elements of Western architecture are expressed with Japanese architectural techniques.

Niigata Nippo Mediaship

This multi-functional building complex was designed with a Ship motif. From the observation floor about 100 meters above the ground, you can see the city of Niigata, the Echigo Plain, and a panoramic view of “Niigata Island”.

Limited time campaign!

For a limited time, those who use the cycling app “tour・de” and check in at all checkpoints will receive a gift at the Tourist Information Center by Bandai Exit (Niigata Station Front).
As proof of completion, please present the screen, which is displayed on the in-app screen, at the Information Center counter.


App Information
・Niigata 2km Share Cycle → https://2km-cycle.niigata-city.com/ (Japanese only)
・cycling app “tour・de” → https://tour-de-nippon.jp/app-tourde/ (Japanese only)

 Niigata Visitors & Convention Bureau E-mail:nvcb@nvcb.or.jp


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