Leave Your Luggage at Niigata Station While You Explore

With this service, you can leave your luggage at Niigata City Tourist Information Center in Niigata Station , In front of JR Line East Gate , and it will be delivered to your hotel or inn by 17:00 that same day. 39hotels and inns in Niigata City (including Iwamuro Hot Springs) are participating in this scheme, as well as 11 in Tsukioka Hot Springs (Shibata City), 11 in Yahiko Hot Springs (Yahiko-mura), and 11 in Senami Hot Springs (Murakami City). Enjoy sightseeing in Niigata City after leaving your luggage.

Niigata City Tourist Information Center
Luggage drop-off pointNiigata City Tourist Information Center in Niigata Station(In front of JR Line East Gate)
Dates availableEvery day except for December 31 and January 1
Drop-off timesFrom 9 AM to 12 PM
29 participating accommodation facilities in Chuo-ku, Niigata City (Niigata Eki Mae/Eki Minami, Bandai, Furumachi, Kencho Mae)

From 9 AM to 11 AM
40 participating accommodation facilities outside Chuo-ku, Niigata City
Please refer to the list below for participating accommodation facilities.
Delivery timeYour luggage will be delivered to your accommodation by 5 PM
Delivery methodYamato Transport Co., Ltd. will deliver your luggage.
Please pick it up from the reception desk at your hotel.
Charge1,000 yen per item of luggage
Umbrellas which stick out of luggage will be treated as separate items and charged at 400 yen
Items eligible for deliverySuitcases, traveling bags, cardboard boxes, etc.
Weight: up to 25 kg. Size: total of the three dimensions up to 160 cm.
InquiriesNiigata City Tourist Information Center
Phone: 81-25-241-7914
Accommodation Facilities Participating in the “Leave Your Luggage at Niigata Station” Service
Drop-off by 2 PM – Delivery by 5 PM
Accommodation FacilitiesArea (Chuo-ku)Phone: 81-25
APA Hotel(Niigata)Niigata Station249-3611
Court Hotel NiigataNiigata Station247-0505
Comfort Hotel Niigata EkimaeNiigata Station242-0611
Niigata Keihin HotelNiigata Station249-1177
Niigata Station HotelNiigata Station243-5151
Niigata Terminal HotelNiigata Station241-7777
Niigata Daiichi HotelNiigata Station243-1111
Niigata Toei HotelNiigata Station244-7101
Hotel Sunroute NiigataNiigata Station246-6161
Kappo-no-yado KohanNiigata Station South Exit247-3355
Terminal Art InnNiigata Station South Exit246-7111
Art Hotel Niigata StationNiigata Station South Exit240-2111
Hotel Terminal InnNiigata Station South Exit245-1100
Hotel Mets NiigataNiigata Station South Exit246-2100
ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel NiigataBandai245-3333
Bandai Silver HotelBandai243-3711
Hotel Nikko NiigataBandai240-1888
APA Hotel (Niigata-Furumachi)Furumachi229-2211
Irisawa Ryokann (Japanese Inn)Furumachi222-9013
Ueda Ryokan (Japanese Inn)Furumachi225-1111
Country Hotel NiigataFurumachi229-3300
Tsukada Ryokan (Japanese Inn)Furumachi222-5591
Toyoko Inn (Niigata-Furumachi)Furumachi227-1045
Niigata Grand HotelFurumachi228-6111
Higuchi Ryokan (Japanese Inn)Furumachi228-4060
Hotel ItaliakenFurumachi224-5111
Hotel Okura NiigataFurumachi224-6111
Hotel Diasmont NiigataFurumachi223-1122
Maruyama Ryokan (Japanese Inn)Furumachi228-2638
Hotel Route-Inn Niigatakencho MinamiNiigata Prefecture280-9811
Drop-off by 11 AM – Delivery by 5 PM
Accommodation FacilitiesAreaPhone
Ryokan Ichiryu (Japanese Inn)Kita-ku81-25-255-2211
Hotel Business Inn Niigata MinamiKonan-ku81-25-381-8800
Gono-no-yado Dairoan (Japanese Inn)Konan-ku81-25-385-2100
Hotel TeraoNishi-ku81-25-267-7677
Hotel Route-Inn Niigata Nishi ICNishi-ku81-25-370-7411
Fujiya HotelNishikan-ku Iwamuroonsen81-256-82-4151
Yumotoya (Japanese Inn)Nishikan-ku Iwamuroonsen81-256-82-2015
Hotel Oohashi Yakata No YuNishikan-ku Iwamuroonsen81-256-82-4125
Kaikatei KawaiNishikan-ku Tanouraonsen81-256-85-2222
Kapoo-no-yado ImaiTsukioka Onsen81-254-32-3000
Toueikan (Japanese Inn)Tsukioka Onsen81-254-32-2711
Spa Resort KahouTsukioka Onsen81-254-32-1515
Spa Resort SenkeiTsukioka Onsen81-254-32-1111
TSUKIOKA New Hotel KANGETSUTsukioka Onsen81-254-32-1000
Hirosekan (Japanese Inn)Tsukioka Onsen81-254-32-2421
Hotel SeifuenTsukioka Onsen81-254-32-2000
Hotel New AkebonoTsukioka Onsen81-254-32-2111
Hotel HisagosouTsukioka Onsen81-254-32-3111
Hotel MasyuuTsukioka Onsen81-254-32-2131
Murakamikan-Yuden (Japanese Inn)Tsukioka Onsen81-254-32-2231
Shimizuya (Japanese Inn)Yahiko Onsen81-256-94-2015
Minoya (Japanese Inn)Yahiko Onsen81-256-94-2010
Hotel WeißYahiko Onsen81-256-94-5612
Nadaiya (Japanese Inn)Yahiko Onsen81-256-94-2013
Mimasuya (Japanese Inn)Yahiko Onsen81-256-94-2109
Yahikokan Myogaya (Japanese Inn)Yahiko Onsen81-256-94-2034
Dairoku (Japanese Inn)Yahiko Onsen81-256-94-2026
Sakuraya (Japanese Inn)Yahiko Onsen81-256-94-2009
Yamamotokan (Japanese Inn)Yahiko Onsen81-256-94-2061
Soueikan (Japanese Inn)Yahiko Onsen81-256-94-2279
Joshuen (Japanese Inn)Yahiko Onsen81-256-94-2114
Yoshidaya (Japanese Inn)Senami Onsen81-254-53-2145
Yamatoya (Japanese Inn)Senami Onsen81-254-53-2175
Banshu (Japanese Inn)Senami Onsen81-254-50-7488
Senami View HotelSenami Onsen81-254-53-3211
Taikanso Senaminoyu (Japanese Inn)Senami Onsen81-254-53-2131
Shiomiso (Japanese Inn)Senami Onsen81-254-53-4288
Seiunsou (Japanese Inn)Senami Onsen81-254-52-1766
Hotel SenamikankohSenami Onsen81-254-52-7000
Resort Hotel DaisoSenami Onsen81-254-53-2522
Hotel New Heartpia Niigata SenamiSenami Onsen81-254-53-2531
Ryusen (Japanese Inn)Senami Onsen81-254-52-5251