Located in the Akiha Ward of Niigata City, the Nakano House used to be the residence of Japan’s “King of Oil,” Mr. Nakano Kanichi. It is one
of Niigata’s most popular spots for contemplating the beauty of the red autumn leaves of the Japanese maple (momiji).

Mr. Nakano’s petroleum excavation activities began in 1874 in the Kanazu area of what is now Akiha Ward in Niigata City. During the first
few decades, only a very limited amount of oil was extracted. However, from 1903, he was extracting oil on a commercial scale and grew
into one of the country’s leading producers, earning the name of “King of Oil.”

In 1997, the Nakano residence and its garden, “Senkei-en,” were turned into a museum. Visitors can enjoy the mansion’s beauty, which is
typical of Niigata’s wooden architecture style during the Meiji era. The residence is tastefully decorated in a traditional Japanese style with
gorgeous paintings and luxurious furniture: you can easily feel the elegance of the Meiji era in this house.

The Senkei garden is huge and will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the red Japanese maple leaves during autumn and to take stunning
pictures of Japan’s nature.

Horide Shrine, the Petroleum Museum, as well as
a number of other note-worthy spots are within walking distance from the residence, so check them out too if you have the time!


Hours: Open from mid-September to late November.

* Please check the URL below for updated dates and hours.

Admission: 1,000 yen for adults (You can access both the museum and the garden with a single ticket). Free for high school students and younger children.

Address: 598 Kanazu, Akiha Ward, Niigata City, 956-0845

Mapcode: 32 284 602*77

URL : https://www.nakanotei-muse.com (Japanese language only)