This time we visited Uwasekigata Park! Located in Nishikan Ward, this park happened to be richly colored when we went thanks to the cosmos flowers and the autumn leaves. Wowing you in the spring with sakura and canola flowers and basking you in sunflowers in the summer, it can be enjoyed year-round as a place to take in the change of seasons. First up, we took a snapshot at the photo spot with the field of cosmos and Mt. Kakuda in the background and then we headed in.

The park covers 263,000㎡ and trees with colorful autumn leaves line the 2 km loop walking path. Another 371 m of wooden walkways take you over the wetland so you can walk by and see animals like swans and ducks up close. While strolling through this park so full of life, I naturally felt my heart and body being refreshed.

Of course, Uwasekigata Park is also famous for the Wara Art Festival. “Rice Country” Niigata has an abundance of rice straw after the fall harvest. They utilize that straw, with the help of students from Tokyo’s Musashino Art University, to make works of art. This year’s theme was “Lucky things that bring vitality to those who see them.” On display were Sankaku Daruma that represent the proverb “fall down seven times, get up eight,” Amabie that offers protection from disease, and Ho-oh which brings peace and tranquility.
These were chosen in the hopes that the pandemic will end even one day sooner. When seen up close, they have such power and I was surprised by how detailed they were! I can’t wait to see what they make next year.

In one corner of the park, they have a roller slide, pedal go-karts, grills to cook on, and, especially during the Wara Art Festival, there are food stalls and trucks. Uwasekigata Park is a place full of enjoyment for families, friends, and couples and I recommend it as a spot to take a breather and have a break from the stress of everyday life.



Admission: Free

Address: 1 Matsunoo, Nishikan Ward, Niigata City, 953-0015

Mapcode: 190 434 482*67