There are many great places to explore in Niigata city’s Nishikan-ku for those who wish to discover a more rural Japan. One of these places is Shugetsu-ji (shugetsu temple). You will have to leave the main roads to find this gem. The temple has something very mysterious about it: the quietness and peacefulness of the area, the forest and its very tall trees surrounding the temple, almost touching it, but also the moss spreading on the ground will all make you feel like you stepped into another dimension.

It is an old temple, and you can feel it. It was established during the Muromachi period, in 1446, and the main building was built in 1699, during the Edo period.

The surroundings of the temple are also great: at a walking distance, you will be able to find the hotspring village of Iwamuro, a sake brewery, as well as rich nature and hiking trails. I would recommend exploring the area by foot !


Time: –

Price: Free

Location: Niigata City, Nishikanward, Ishize 3356, 953-0141

Map code: 190 190 826*46