Located in the western district of Niigata City and inside one of the largest dunes in Japan, the Sakata wetland is known to host over 600 types of plants and more than 200 types of birds. It is registered by the Ramsar Convention, which protects important wetlands and waterfowl habitats.

During winter, thousands of swans can be seen here. The snowy mountains in the background, the partly frozen waters and the large numbers of swans flying around all make for stunning scenery that both photography enthusiasts and people out for a casual stroll will appreciate.

Other seasons also have their own advantages, and the warmer days of spring and summer will be more suitable for those who want to enjoy a quiet family walk for example.

In the Sakata Waterfowl and Wetland Center, you will find binoculars to observe the birds, booklets with explanations on these birds, and a short movie giving you information about the wetland. (All of which can be used for free!) In this facility, you will be able to rest after your walk and to learn more about the flora and fauna of Sakata.


Hours: The park is open 24/7

The Sakata Waterfowl and Wetland Center is open 9:00–16:30 (from 7:00 on weekends from November through February)

*Closed on Mondays and the New Year’s Holidays (Dec.28–Jan.3)  

Admission: Free

Address: 5404-1 Akatsuka, Nishi Ward, Niigata City, 950-2261

Map code: 190 525 869*51

URL: https://www.city.niigata.lg.jp/nishi/shisetsu/yoka/sakatashicchi.html