Over 600 ‘’hazaki‘’ trees lined up around vast rice paddies, and the mountain in the background: this simple yet beautiful scenery is emblematic of the Japanese countryside. These trees planted by farmers were used in the past to dry the rice after the harvest.

The atmosphere of Natsuihazaki varies greatly depending on when you go there. Seasons, weather and even the time of the day will all deeply modify what you will have in front of you. I particularly recommend going there on a sunny afternoon during spring or summer, on a snowy day, or at dusk any time of the year. If you like rural landscapes, it is a good idea to check it out and spend the rest of the day at the nearby Yahiko temple for example!


Time: 24/7

Price: Free

Location:Niigata Prefecture, Niigata City, Nishikanward, 1406 Natsui, 953-0133

Map code: 190 163 113*88