Flowers are such a magical thing, they can make you feel better just by looking at them! I know many people love flowers as I am one of them. I often give them as presents to family and friends, and even buy flowers for myself sometimes. Today we are visiting a place that’s perfect for me! It’s “Kamuri Niitsu,” a market in the flower-filled Akiha Ward.

Inside, there is a banquet of flowers stretching as far as the eye can see. On a typical day they have 2,000 varieties, totaling around 40,000 plants, many of which are not commonly found elsewhere. The greenhouse is divided into areas such as flowers, potted plants, and gardening materials. It took a while to make a loop around the different areas looking to find something I could buy and take home.

The next greenhouse was holding a festival of plants that vary by the season and when I went, it was all about citrus and chrysanthemums.
It was an incredible experience to see a huge variety of chrysanthemums only available that season and citrus tree saplings that you don’t see much in the city. Just then, the sun was starting to set and the light that came through the window made the chrysanthemums even more gorgeous! How about taking a visit to Kamuri Niitsu to find flowers you have never seen before?


Hours: April to June 9:00–18:00

           July to March 9:00–17:00

           *Closed: New Year’s holidays

Admission: Free

Address: 438 Kawane, Akiha Ward, Niigata City 956-0055

Mapcode: 32 429 743*34